rig-system q1

The tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/rig_q1_smal.gif-system is our newest development and enables like the tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/q4_logo_small_s.gif-rigsystem a fast and flexible mounting.

With its small size and light weight the tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/rig_q1_smal.gif is especially designed for vehicles with a low or tuned chassies and the many resulting mounting-possibilities making it an ideal rig for very small cars and special vehicles (oldtimer, tuning versions, racing cars).

Of course the tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/rig_q1_smal.gif can also be used for all usual automobiles from small cars up to trucks.

The drawing shows possible mounting points of the tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/rig_q1_smal.gif-system.