general informations

quickrig GmbH offers two different rig-systems tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/rig_q1_smal.gif and tl_files/theme/quickrig/img/q4_logo_small_s.gif. Due to the different ways of mounting these rigs we can provide particular solutions for all the needs of our clients.

Both systems enable high stability, flexibility and speed with using a glass-truss and a carbon-fibre-arm.
riq left

The setup of the rig with glass-truss takes place at the non-viewable side from the camera-perspective up to a total length of 10m. The vertical adjustment range amounts 100° and can be extended up to 145°.

The horizontal angle amounts 90°

Without usage of the glass-truss the rig will be mounted at the viewable side from the camera-perspective and can be extended up to 13m.

Here the horizontal adjustment-range is 90°.
The vertical range amounts 180° and can be extended at 45°.

Of course our operators give advise to provide you the best and most flexible setup.
To choose the ideal rig for you, previous informations about layouts, motives and car-details are recommended.
For tuning-versions or special car´s (Oldtimer, Racingcars) a previous inspectation is recommended.


The camera-arm made of special, extreme light and stable carbon-fiber-segments enables easy extension until 13m. On this arm the camera can be slided back and forth without de-mounting while on top, side or hanging.

The groundbreaking way of vertical and horizontal adjustment of the carbon-fiber-truss provides the fast and exact positioning of the camera-angle.

Using a glass-truss, the car gets visually cropped and enables the faster control of the entire scene.

The retouching process in the post-production will be minimized enormously when using the glass-truss.